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Gilbec's Soapsy Suds

6 Count Wax Melts

6 Count Wax Melts

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Created in small batches with a simple soy wax blend.  High fragrance amount added to produce a wonderful scent throw.  No need for lighters or matches, use in tea light burners, or approved electric wax warmers (not provided) For best throw use a 20 watt warmer bulb or higher.

Listing is for 1 package of approximately 2.5 Oz (70.87 G) clamshell wax melts. 

To Use:  Simply pop one piece of the wax into the cavity of an approved warmer and either light a tealight candle or turn on the heat if it’s electric.  When finished simply turn off the warmer or snuff the candle and let solidify. 

 You should be able to use one piece for maximum fragrance throw of approximately 5 to 8 hours.  If you use the same wax melt several times, please note that the scent can and most likely will slowly disappear over time.

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