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Gilbec's Soapsy Suds

Persephone's Kiss Bath Salt

Persephone's Kiss Bath Salt

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Here at Gilbec’s Soapsy Suds we value quality.  Our bath salts are no exception and proceeds to be a top-notch item.  Made by hand in small batches with Himalayan salt in both fine grain and coarse grain, Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, Dendritic Salt, Sea Salt, arrow root powder, and a tad bit of color and phthalate free fragrance oils. 

Our salts can be used in the tub for a relaxing spa day at home, in a foot bath when you just want to relax watching your favorite tv series.  Or even a hand soak!

Add 2 to 3 handfuls (or as much or as little as you like.) add to warm water.  Because there are florals added to the salt you may opt into using a tea bag or bath bag to relax without the clean up.  But if you’re adventurous you can pour directly in the tub, or foot bath, and clean the tub out later.  (We are not liable for clogged drains if you do this method.)

Net weight 8oz

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Fine Sea Salt, Dendritic Salt, Arrowroot Powder, Polysorbate 80, Fragrance Oil, Mica

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